Well located town…

Pułtusk is a town in the Masovian Voivodship (województwo mazowieckie), it is unusually scenic and conveniently located in the northern part of Masovia (Mazowsze) on the brink of the White Wilderness (Puszcza Biała), at the Narew River. It is situated close to the track leading to the Masovian lakes and to Pojezierze Augustowskie. The oldest part of Pułtusk raises on the island created by forked arm of Narew that is why it is called “The Venice of the North”.

The guests of our hotel do not have to set out on long trips to get to … Venice. All the more, Pułtusk is located in the centre of Poland, therefore it is very easy to get here from every single corner of the country.

Warsaw is just 58 kilometers away from Pułtusk. That is why one does need much time to get to the town with the longest paved market in Europe. It is here where the cultural and entertaining life of the town concentrates. From this place it takes no more than a few steps to get to the hotel, that exists nowhere else in Poland, besides here.

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