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Cuisine and the culture of eating, constitute the important element of our history. Under the direction of the castle Master of Waiters,you may get to know how to behave at the table, eat meals, use the tableware. Next, during the especially prepared meal for you, you may put the gained knowledge into practice.

You are also invited for the lecture on the principles of savoir-vivre'u, behaviour in situations when we invite guests or we are invited and the art of eating. It is not a “simple and nice lesson” and it is helpful in many social situations. Mastering of its principles under the eye of the specialist enables you to freely delight in the pleasures of the table and in the charm of the companionship gathered around it. And everything in the interiors,where the atmosphere of which ,changes learning into pleasure.

Story about behaviour at the table
Plan of the lecture read more »

Plan of the lecture read more »

1. Introduction
- history of the table culture,
- history of the Polish cuisine,
- cuisine and table of traditional Polish holidays,
- cutlery, porcelain, glass dishes and not only,

2. On behaviour by the table - lecture
- how to sit by the table,
- how to eat a meal,
- how to drink

3. Eating and drinking – lecture and exercises
- the role of napkin and the ways of folding it,
- appropriate setting the table,
- reading the code of cutlery arrangement,
- “simple” and “difficult” dishes,

4. The principles of behaving in the hotel, restaurant, café – lecture
- the role of hotel, restaurant and café,
- the principles of behaviour during different banquet events,

5. Visiting the historic castle rooms.

6. Dinner in the restaurant as the practical part of the training according to previously ordered combination

Here are the basic information on our training:
- duration time: about 4 hours,
- the entire cost of scholarship: 43 PLN per person,

We also offer the possibility of gondola voyage on Narew River
Cost: 8 PLN per person for 30 minutes
Full set: 11 persons
Gondola voyages take place from May to October.

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