Wspólnota Polska

Hotel Zamek Pułtusk

Welcome to our Hotel in the castle


The Hotel in the castle walls. The castle and podzamcze. The breeze of noble past…
The paved high road leads to the castle hill and it directs to the main gate which is guarded by two bastilles. It is the picturesque road to the place which is the testimony of the Polish past… One may meet here the gripping history, breathe the noble atmosphere and taste the delicious and diverse Old Polish cuisine.

We open the Old Polish door in front of you!


The history of the castle in which our hotel is located gives the evidence of the unique character of our hotel. The hotel was destroyed during the wars, such as in the 17th century when the Swedish Invasion had taken place, and the castle had been devastated and partially burned.
Presently, the hotel in the castle in Pułtusk is under the ownership of the “Association of Polish Community” (“Wspólnota Polska”). This old residence of bishops together with the closest areas was transformed into The House of the Polish Diaspora” (Dom Polonii) by a government decision in 27 July 1974. The castle was rebuilt in the renaissance style and its gates were solemnly opened in 16 July 1989.