We invite lovers of Polish cuisine for our specialties…

We are proud of our very rich choice of cold meats prepared by traditional methods. You can try here ham and sausages from wild boar, sirloin from deer, roe deer roast, pork ham, smoked ham and sirloins.  We serve cold sauces to all the different meats and also bread from our own bakery made of sourdough prepared in linden kneading-trough, and next baked on horseradish, sweet flag or oak leaves. The castle tables are also full of fish, such as stuffed pike, sanders fried or stewed in sauces, or sturgeons and catfish. Dishes of venison and fleece are also seved

Our confectionery, on the other hand, prepares many different cakes. From Easter cakes, brioches, tulle, through different cheese cakes, poppy seed cakes, fruitcakes,gingerbreads, yeast cakes, buttery cookies to creamy cakes and chocolate cakes with marzipan.

We sincerely and with Polish hospitality invite you to our castle following the thought of the Polish proverb: “Our house is at your disposal”.

What would be the shape of Polish cuisine without rich history of the country?

Turbulent history of Poland and changes of borders at the breaks of the centuries, and also strong influence of neighboring countries left their stamps on our domestic culinary tradition. Russian, German, Austrian, Jewish, French and Lithuanian influences are visible. The Poles always enthusiastically added the best to the national cuisine. But it is our attachment to our roots that the Polish cuisine managed to survive, but similarly like in cuisines of other countries, there are many different and unique flavors which cannot be forgotten. We try to remind you of all the Old Polish, hunter, noble, territorial or borderline flavors.

Polish cuisine is still the one and only. Which other national cuisine would treat such dishes as; Ukrainian borscht, cold Lithuanian borscht, dumplings from Ruthenia like specialties?

Polish cuisine, all the best that we have…

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