Facing your expectations, we have prepared the offer for the lovers of more extreme ways of spending free time . At the request of the client and with additional payment, we may organize the survival activities.

Healthy and active rest, unusual and special activities, specialist instructor care are the main but not the only advantages of our offer. We organize the set of plays, surprises, games, plants and trainings. You shall convince yourself after getting the knowledge of our offers.

Thinking of our guests we have created the rich and diverse offer, but apart from that, we are open for all your suggestions concerning the ways of spending  free time and thrilling the emotions. We shall meet any expectations.

What else do we offer?
- Knight feasts
- Explorations with looking for the treasure
- Quads driving
- Paint ball competitions
- Sport utility vehicles driving
- Funny pictures for souvenirs

Survival attractions
Agility activities read more »

Agility activities read more »

Barrels. The activity consists in that the whole team got to another place as quick as possible by the means of two barrels.

Multi-person skis. In this activity the team has to cover the particular distance within the particular period of time on special skis.

Horizontal bar.
This time, every member of the team has to face the bar hanged on three different heights. The assistance of the whole team is necessary.

Race on cases. This time the task is to cover the particular distance on special cases in the most efficient way. (It is a typically integration activity).

The bridge.
Using the barrels (cases), a few desks and imagination the whole team has to cross the “rapid river”.

The rapid river. In this activity the task is to cross the river with the use of special line ladder (the activity with security).

Shooting activities read more »

Shooting activities read more »

Shooting to the target from pneumatic weapon (airgun).
Shooting to the target from the short pneumatic weapon (airgun).
Throwing the hatchet to the target – the team has got a few pointed throws.
Paint ball.
Ninja stars.

Thematic evenings read more »

Thematic evenings read more »

The next attraction that we want to offer you are thematic evenings of different character, adjusted to tastes, needs and likings. Everyone will for sure find something for themselves. We invite you to get to know our unique and diverse offer.

Very Wild West
We offer to come back to the times of the Wild West: to the world of lively saloons, cheaters, pianists playing joyful melodies, beautiful dancers, alcohols pouring like streams, and caw boys always ready to shoot. It will be a real male adventure!

Venice carnival
The followers of entertainment characterized by exclusive and old-fashioned charm with the bit of mystery are invited to the evening full of surprises, different rhythms, melodies and movement. You will be snatched to fun by Harlequin and his beautiful companion Colombina who came especially from Venice to ensure you unforgettable evening full of fantasy. The event will take place among impressive Venice architecture. Gondolas will be there too.

PRL Evening
The next offer originates from entirely different story. It is the feast of the work leaders. As the praise for their efforts they will get cards for vodka and toilet paper in the unrestricted amount. We will create the possibility of having a look at PRL with a wink this evening. It will be possible to taste the dishes from the milk bar and drink the orangeade from bottles.

The Highlander evening
The folklore lovers are invited for the evening full of surprises, festive rhythms and singing. Beautiful highlander women and a highlander man will invite you to fin and they will distribute the hats at the entry. A man will be a dance leader, he will confabulate and eagerly dance. The attractions will not run down for sure.

The Saturday Night Fever.
It is an evening for the lovers of the 70’s rhythms. The beautiful hostess will welcome you at the entry. She will introduce the guests to the climate of that crazy times and will distribute big glasses and colorful wigs in the afro style to everyone. It will be a real fashion show of that times! But that is not the only attraction of this evening. You will be able to check your vocal skills during the karaoke contest and also have fun.

The Ball of the Snow Queen
During this fairy evening, we will cause that you leave the world of adults just for one night and that you will come back to the children land, among the figures of the known fairy tales. The Ball of the Snow Queen is the possibility to meet the Wawel Dragon, elves, witch and many other figures. The fairy tale decoration of the room, interesting contests and artistic performances will make this romantic evening more attractive.

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