Wspólnota Polska

Hotel Attractions

Gondola voyages

Voyages by the castle gondolas are the unforgettable experience. It is possible to also have a romantic dinner during the trip, delighting not only delicious meals, but also mysterious charm of Narew environment. We offer you the real feast for soul and for the body.

The offer is available only from May to October.

Water equipment

We offer you to hire the eater equipment such as water cycles, canoes, boats, gondolas. We organize sightseeing and recreational voyages by the Narew River. Crowds of tourists, holidaymakers and of people who desire to spend their free time in an active way who visit us, are the testimony of the fact that it is worth to visit us.

This offer is available only from May to October.

All of you who are hungry of sunbathing, may relax on the local beach situated close to the hotel, where many sport events are organized from June to September.

Tennis courts

We administer with two open tennis courts, where the amateurs of this beautiful sport may pleasantly and actively spend their time. It is also possible to hire the rackets and balls. Learners of the tennis are invited for lessons under the control of the qualified instructor.

The offer is available only from May to October.


Our castle also invites those who love billiard and those who desire to spend the time in the nice atmosphere of the billiard room. The lovers of surfing the Internet may use our wireless network.

Playground for children

We have not forgotten about the youngest of our guests. They may safely play in green surrounding and use the swings, slides, sandpit and many different attractions which are always the reason of joy and smile.

Cannon shots

The amazing attraction accompanying many of the events organized in the Polish Diaspora House in Pułtusk are shots from the 17th century cannons locate on the castle courtyard.

At the request of our guests we may also organize the professional fireworks show and the contest of noblemen or knights.


Because the castle interiors create the wonderful atmosphere for jewellery, we offer the possibility to purchase silver and ambers manufactures and also products made of other jewellery materials. In our shop you may find the unique patterns, the single exemplars, rings and earrings, necklaces and chains, bracelets and jewels. It may be a nice souvenir from the stay at our hotel for our guests, and for their close relatives – a tasteful present.

Attractive prices, perfect quality and interesting patterns tempted many of our guests to buy here, but the choice is not easy in the face of the richness of the offer.

Special Offers

Special offers for an attractive price